Thursday, November 3, 2011

iPhone Photos

iPhone photo update, but before I do I must tell you a few weeks ago D upgraded my phone’s software to ios5.. He told me to do the backup.. and I was so proud of myself until the sync after he updated it took a whole 2 seconds and he looks at me and goes “did you back up your phone?!” which led to an almighty panic on my behalf and him looking at my blankly.. Lucky even thou I didn’t back up my phone (Ok..I’m not tech savvy!) He was able to save my 3,000+ photos and all of my messages, contacts and apps etc! – Thank god for having a boy who’s more up to date than what apple is!

These are my blue Steve madden shoes which I wore to the races

$180 down to $46.00 I wasn’t complaining – Im secretly in love with them.
                          (note to self, don’t wear shoes you haven’t worn in properly… Ouch!)

Erin & I – all ready to go!

Enormous cocktails we brought from Crown after the races
We ended up getting home around 9pm that night I was so wrecked the next day at work but I would do it all over again we had a blast!

I have been hitting the gym a lot lately and went along with D to one of his many GNC trips to stock up on protein I ended up buying a multi vitamin and scored this cool water bottle

D and I went to squires loft last weekend for dinner with some friends – the food here is simply amazing! (Ive always thought I should become a food critic but then I think everything is “simply amazing!” so I don’t think I’d get too far.. Lol!


  1. Ooooo I have a pair of Steve Madden shoes that look almost exactly the same! And where at Crown did you get that cocktail? YUM!

  2. COCKTAIL YUM! Looks delicious! I love those shoes as well!

  3. i sooo love the heels!!! so adorable.... lovely outfits too!!! enjoyed your blog, following you now,,hope you could visit my blog too..kissess!!!

  4. You look stunning! Love those shoes, especially the colour. I need new shoes I've decided.

  5. really great post! the blue shoes are so amazing!