Monday, November 7, 2011

Beep Beep

I think I have caught the car fever from D .. As Im now car shopping myself! Something you'll should know is that I cannot park for cr@p! I once was in chadstone and there was one park and I so badly wanted it.. I ended up stopping the car and getting out with D looking at me thinking wtf.. Before I told him that he needs to park the car in that spot! .. Hilarious yet sad. But I cannot park and therefore have thought of a few cars that I want.. but am really crushing on the Madza 2. This baby is a 2011 model for around $16K.. Automatic (Because last time I drove a manual car I stalled it infront of a semi truck - it wasnt going fast but you know.. and ended it by jumping of the car and running away leaving D so jump across the seat and get the car out of the way) So.. Auto all the way baby!

Do any of my followers have a Mazda 2? Any advices?
Im going to go and check out this car over the weekend Its from a dealership I always hate dealing with guys from there as they just look you up and down and pull out a random figure from their head *palm slap*.

 We also have D's parents down this weekend.. Looking to take them out and about and i'll probably spend most of sunday afternoon shopping with his mum - *Mentally add some bits and pieces onto my shopping list* but first off im really keen to get some nice flat summer sandals I have seen some in witchery and also Zara!
The girls are I are really keen to hit up a karaoke bar within the next few weekends for abit of a laugh does anyone reccomend any in the city?


  1. I see the Mazda 2 cars everywhere! They are pretty:) That price is pretty good for a 2011.

    Parallel parking is my nemesis. I freely admit I cannot do it and have no desire to figure out how. I'll always find another park!

  2. I have a black Mazda 2 sedan! It's auto too:) I've had no problems since its purchase in Feb, still love it. Mazda have been really awesome to deal with too.

  3. Sarah - The price is fantastic for what you're getting!

    Anon - Oh twins! haha I spoke to one of the guys at a madza dealership lastnight and he was really helpful!

  4. This is so funny but I have this EXACT CAR.

    I love it.
    Its so quiet.
    It's so zippy
    There is room for storage ( aka shopping )
    It's great on fuel too.


    Mwa xx