Sunday, November 13, 2011


Friday after work D went with his work crew for some after work drinks and I went to the nail salon.
I have to say im rather disappointed with the job they did! I got a set of french nails but the white is un even and just looks horrible I told her there and then but she said something and I was pretty much out the door before she even bothered to respond! - They are still on but I may take them off before work tomorrow morning! I came home and went straight to the gym for a good hour and a half.

We had D's parents coming to melbourne for the weekend an they werent arriving until about 11pm that night so I had plently of time to just chill out! I had just got in the door about a minute before D all sweaty and gross from gym and he walks in the door with this gorgeous rose "Just Because!" Love this guy!

 D's parents arrived just after midnight - His dad got lost on the city link ..Bless him! We went out for breakfast on Saturday morning on Bay Street and with the amazing weather we went for a walk along the beach.

Jenny (D's mum) - D and his shorts (He was so proud of this purchase haha!) and me.
Ive been abit sick recently..hence the bad photo!

Jen & I - Port Melbourne.

Later in the afteroon we went to visit some of D's family - Let me introduce you to George.. This is D's little cousin - We put him in the BWM and he wouldnt get out "No its mine!" he says clinging onto the steering wheel.. So gorgeous

After this weekend - Ive realised I need some new sunglasses! Has anyone purchase the cat eye ones?


  1. I have cat eye sunglasses (not as extreme as some, but more inspired by!), and I LOVE them. So cute.

  2. an hour and a half gym session? hmmm.. I need to get back to this!!

  3. How cute are your shoooorrts! And George is just waiting for his cheeks to be pinched!!! I have some not very extreme cat eye sunnies and I love them, I don't think I could pull off the very cat eye ones because my face is too square but you definitely could :D