Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Online babeh!

During my lunch break I was checking out VOUGE forums as I usually do and came across a thread called "shopping with free shipping" and me being me clicked on the link and before I knew it I had 3 windows open my VISA card on my desk and my eyes popping out of my head with such excitement!
Here are the goodies that I brought

Stomping Heels

$120 from Mollini - They have free shipping and free returns
I think these are gorgeous I cannot wait to see these in real life!

From my old favourite (Glassons) I brought a black long sleeve basic in a size 6 for only $14. My number one wardrobe hint is to always have lots of basics in loads of colours including neutrals that way I always have plenty to team up with anything else that adds to my wardrobe!
and then it didnt stop there! My last purchase was this MAC "Adore it" lipstick
I went for a different shade of pink! 

Ive revised a plan to ensure that D has no idea about my shocking shopping obession! I have all of my good shipped to my work address and most nights when I get home D is still at gym so I have time to sneak them in! Whenever I wear one of my newbies he will give me this look and go "Is that new?" and I'll look at him smile and go.. "Whaaaat?! This..Pfht god no ive had this for years!".
Doubt he believes it hahaha


  1. Great buys! Cant go wrong with free shipping xx

  2. Why oh why did I have to see this post on pay day while I'm trying to save?? Excuse me while I get my credit card out... haha xx

  3. We adore the heels.. It looks so amazing!

    Much love from the SABO SKIRT girls!