Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Yesterday marked 6 years that my dad passed away. This time every year I get all emotional, tired and cranky and just want the world to leave me alone. Of course this didnt happened, I had to be at work at 8am for back to back meetings with clients so I put on my happy face and ran with the world. Blah!

Miss Erin forced me to have a coffee with her after work fora bit of a pick me up - which was just what I needed! She brought me these gorgeous flowers - She is the sweetest girl ever! I dont even know what type these are but the colour is just devine.

I recieved lots of calls, text messages and facebook love from the ones who knew what yesterday was which was really touching and when I got home D had made {read:brought nandos} me dinner.. So I skipped gym, curled up on the couch with D and snuggled him while we {read: he} watched some awful movie about fast cars.

Days like that those make you realise  how fast life really does "move on" time doesnt stop and before you know it all of the massive milestones have come and gone and you're left thinking "where did that first year go?!" and then before you it again you're asking yourself "where did the past 2..3..4 and even 5 years ago?!" Life is far too short.

Before work this morning I jammed my fingers in the bathroom door - Yes this is what happens when you walk to the bathroom half asleep with your alarm clock blaring at 6.15am - Gah! I snapped my shellac nail in half..So after a few colourful words and seconds of shooting pain I decided enough was enough and at 7am this morning I was sitting on the lounge room table with acetone on my nails wrapped in foil eating my breakfast.. It must of looked so glamorous! - Usually they come off easily and only need a small but of work to get my nails back to a reasonable state but this morning I neeeded to buff the hell out of them to get them looking even a little bit decent?! No idea why. My hands are all gross and weird looking this morning.. So I slapped on some red nail polish an walked out the door.

Does anyone have any OTHER tips for removing nails?


  1. Glad you got through yesterday Okay. Thoughts are with you :)
    Flowers are such a gorgeous colour!
    No other ideas re nails. Sorry!
    Good luck!

    Angie x

  2. Ooooh they look like Singaporean orchids, my favourite :) Your friends are very kind. I hope you're feeling okay xx