Monday, August 29, 2011


After weeks and weeks of karadashians chit chat Ive decided to blog about it - Personally I NEVER used to be a fan of any of them, Then while off work sick for nearly a week late last year I decided to download some trash TV and came across KUWTK - At first I thought Kim had some type of personality but then as the series went on and on it became more obvious Kim is all about Kim!

With their wedding there has been much talk about her dress and that headpiece! I Actually thought she looked more stunning on her day to day appearances and I felt the dress didn't do her any justice at all! as for the headpiece I didn't dislike it but I really didn't think it made her look any better! I think the whole wedding was just absurd - from the costs to her mothers dress?! I used to watch episodes where Kim would fall for a guy straight away and then just expect marriage and kids! HONESTLY Poor Kris - I try to see the best in their relationship and hope it does last them a life time of happiness but I just don't see Kim sharing her lime light with the "love of her life!" For me If I was to get married - It would be because he is the most important person in my life and I want to share that day with him and allow him to make choices and we would plan it together, not pay a wedding co-coordinator to tell him where to sit and where to stand etc.

Its been said many times before, I think Kendall is just stunning!

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