Thursday, August 25, 2011


I slept through my alarm AGAIN this morning! that's twice in one week?! I blame all of this boot camp its making me just want to sleep! This morning on the way to train I know there is a whole epidemic about girls who wear tights as pants and there is no way I'm getting into that now..but my views are mixed, personally if you can get away with it then go for it..but there is some people in the world who just shouldn't and they tend to! back on track, this morning I was walking to the train station and I was walking up the ramp and then got slowed down by a girl who was..large (on the bigger end of this scale!) and she was wearing tights.. and no I wasnt "checking" her out but when it was..right in my face it was hard not to notice! but the worst part was she had a HOLE right on the butt cheek!?! Did she not check her outfit or even look at her self before she left in the morning?!

Moving on.

Strong skinny latte' hit the spot this morning esp to find out when I got to work we have had 2 resignations and need to fill their roles asap! Hands on!

We had terrible news yesterday that D's mum had been in a car accident! I was just about to get off the train and I got a text message - Its the worst feeling the unknown, but luckily it wasnt as bad as It could of been, thankgod for airbags! Best news is she is at home resting! Cannot wait to see her next month for D's birthday (and yes thats right a FMIL that I get along with!)

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