Wednesday, January 16, 2013


Ive been pretty impressed with my efforts this week I've jumped back on the fitness bandwagon again or maybe it was just the fact I realised its bikini weather.. haha but either way I've been to the gym each night this week and gone for a run.

Date night - On Saturday the boyfriend and I went out for dinner to Hollyhock. I had been there before but D hadn't. Don't get me wrong I dont mind public displays of affection - BUT there is a line. We where sitting on a table in the middle and behind us was a table for 4.. There was a couple no older than 18 who came in half way through our meal sat down and just sat their all over each other, pashing and barely coming up for air, feeding one another and patting each others hair! It was so off putting and even some of the other patrons started to feel uncomfortable. It was so odd.

We were so bad and had banana pancakes with passion fruit and chocolate. I'm proud to say I just ate the ice-cream and banana from the top while D gave the pancakes his best shot!

While we are on the topic of bad foods - This morning on my way to work I took a little diversion and went the long way to southbank and accidentally came across the Lindt store - I could smell the chocolate before I realised they also made coffee's - Perfect I thought while waiting for my latte I was just looking around and kudos to the person who designed the lay out because its their fault I decided to buy a whole bag full of goodies - $10.00 for a 100g bag so after a couple of handfuls of my favourite ones I went to the counter and it was "$15.90" Opps.

I have thick hair which on some days has a mind of its own so the other day when I had my re-growth done I asked my hairdressing what shampoo she would suggest? I tried this for the first time this week and honestly this stuff is amazing. It actually takes the frizz right out of my hair and its been my 4th day without washing it and still going strong. Hahaha winning!
Have you ever used this one before? If so I'd love to hear your thoughts.. or other suggestions?



  1. I've heard so many great things about muk hair care.
    I cannot stand pda's. Little hand holding, peck on the cheek that's fine. But it's so awkward when a couple is just GOING AT IT and making out and practically dry humping eachother.
    Time and place guys.


  2. I have thick hair too! I need to try this one!

  3. Lord... look at those pancakes. No thanks about over PDA while eating.
    About Muk, I used to know the guy who owned the company who did them. I wonder if he still owns it, he buys and sells so much. He also did the Jessica Simpson extensions. Anyway, did you ever review that Muk curling stick? Not like I have any hair to curl but i was really curious. LOL

    1. Ohh I used it for the first time when I was away at my boyfriends parents house over the holidays but didnt do a review.. but let me put it on my to do list and i'll do it! x

  4. Good on you with your fitness regime! I havent been to the gym for a month due to holidays. Ill be back next week. The dinner looks great. And I am now keen to try that shampoo. Four days sounds amazing, usually I cant go more than two.

    x Eve

  5. I am going to have to try Muk. My poor hair is in need of some TLC.

  6. Hi Hol,

    my hair is thick too and i'm in need of a new shampoo, so this post has popped up in time for me! hehe i'm willing to give it a whirl!

    Meanwhile PDA's are the worst... I hate it so much. Get a room!