Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Taxi and hospital

I had abit of a scare yesterday when I got a message from D's boss at work saying to call him asap, D passed out at work and smashed his head on the desk and then then floor - I left work without  a second thought and went to meet him - We went to the nearest Dr's (He could walk) but had two of his muscly work friends on either side of him! (Must of been a funny site for anyone who was on Collins St yesterday around 12pm!) we got to the Dr's then he started to feel really dizzy and was all white so the Dr suggested getting him straight to the Hospital - There is a cab rank right out the front so we jumped in and asked him to go to St.Vincents hospital D gets in the car slowly and the taxi driver turns to me and asks 3 times where abouts I wanted to go - After trying to explain to him I think he finally got the message.

He was the most obxnious taxi driver I had ever met in my whole entire life he was swerving slowly in and out of traffic, giving way to people un necessarily -  He then turned up the radio loud and started tapping his fingers along the steering wheel before I asked him to turn it down - he looked at me blankly
Ive never really had any bad experiences with cab drivers before and hence why I thought I could rely on the them to get us there in a hurry and safe but this guy made by blood boil!

Goodnews on the D front we stayed in hospital for about 5 hours they ran some tests, pumped some fluids into him and patched up the sore on his head - They suggested it may be due to his new training scheudle at the gym and the supplements he is using (Nothing illegal people.. Its all over the counter products from GNC)- perhaps his body was rejecting it? Time will tell.. but he is at home sleeping now with a massive bump on his head. Poor boy!


  1. I just discover your blog and I am glad nothing happened to D! Cool blog! <3<3

  2. Very scary! Thanks for the love - He's feeling abit better and is back at work today!

  3. Ouch! What an ordeal, glad he is OK in the end though!