Sunday, October 2, 2011

weekend adventures

Friday night I was on my way home from work when I got a text message from D suggesting we should go see his parents for the weekend (We just brought their new car here in Melbourne and planned to take it to them one weekend soon!) It was shocking weather here on Friday and thought.. why not it beats staying in Melbourne with bad weather.

We started the 6 hour drive with some strong latte's and a shot of espresso!

Arrived at our destination around 2am and straight to bed.. Who am I Kidding?!
Greeks dont sleep when they have visitors - We stayed up chatting for yonks then ended
up crawling into bed around 5am..

Whenever we visit D's parents I know Im going to be force feed food - But eh I didnt really care
look at the food his mum makes.. 
* Drools*
  and some more

I have possibly gained 5 kgs this weekend!!

Weekend was spent first of all watching the grandfinal.. Arghh so happy the cats won!
Then we went and visited all the family
Did a bit of shopping and bathed in the amazing sunshine!

D's cousin recently had her first baby
3 weeks premature and such a doll this little girl is Georgia :)

The weekend went by so fast!
Out for coffees with D's yiayia and Papou
This hot chocolate looks pretty average.. BUT it was AMAZING!
I know I say alot of foods are amazing but this was 

They also had the the most chic art work in the cafe..
Not to mention a whole wall of T2..
I was in love!

 We had booked flights to get home 
Can I just say.. I have never flown on a small plane that holds a max of 20 people??
and lets just say I NEVER want to again!
I fly alot for work.. but they are on jet planes which hold large amounts of people
I get to the airport and see this TINY little thing
Look at D and ask him if we where at the right airport he just laughed.
If that wasnt bad enough I was sitting right above the wing and whenever I looked out the window
1 and a Half hours later and with blocked ears we arrived back in Melbourne.

Lesson learnt - I dont DO small planes.


  1. I am TERIFIED of small PLANES. I had a bad experience from going to Ft Launderdale to Miami in a small plane. NEVERRRR again.
    Looks like you had fun on the weekend :)

  2. Ahhh what a spontaneous trip! How fun :)

    Small planes scare the crap out of me too. I don't envy you at alllllll