Sunday, June 24, 2012


Ive always been amazed by rainbows - Friday just before leaving work I snapped this baby from my desk - It was a nice touch to the grey sky that had been passing by ALL day! I had a client meeting booked in Camberwell for 2pm lets just say I couldn't contain my happiness when they called up to re-schedule, the last thing I wanted to do was be running around the city in fowl weather!

I've heard good things about ALDI but I've never shopped there before - then I got wind on their espresso coffee machines, we'd been stalking the south Melbourne store for a few weeks now but they've never had any in stock, we dropped by on Friday night and totally excited they had them in stock! - Woo. We picked up the coffee machine and the milk frother.

Its actually tastes SO good - The hot chocolate is my favourite so far! $6.99 for 16 Pods!

Does anyone have a Onesie? I really want one but I know that I wont be allowed to have one, they look so comfy and obviously not something I'd wear to the supermarket (or would I?!) HAHA I could totally snug up in one of these!
Instead I've been keeping warm w slippers.

Now for the exciting news!!

Long story cut short we got talking to our neighbor (literally 2 apartments down our hallway!) and she is MOVING to Sydney as of 2nd of July  - She invited us in to have a look at her place as D mentioned we are also looking to move (My mind flashing back to the amount of clothes, and shoes that I have over flowing in our small apartment!) - We walked into her apartment and Wallah! This place is HUGE her lounge and dining area is double the size of our lounge, kitchen and bedroom. It has two bedrooms with built in robes and a window in one bedroom w city views! The bathroom oh yes the bathroom is amazeballs it has a bath + shower and it is HUGE I do have moments of guilt now where I look around our apartment I have the main wardrobe, and D has 1 draw out of the 4, In the bathroom my makeup and toiletries take over - so needless to say we both looked at each other and had one of those "B1 and B2 - Are you thinking what Im thinking!" moments.

At the moment the house hasnt been listed for new tenants as yet and our neighbour gave us the real estate agents details so we will call him first thing tomorrow! I am SO excited.
Have your fingers crossed!



  1. I don't drink coffee but want one of those just for the hot chocolates. The apartment sounds fantastic fingers crossed, I dread ever moving, we have a 3 bedroom house so I have a dressing room, not sure I could give that up anytime soon!

  2. Saw a girl walking down the street in a onesie today!!! I have one but I only wear it at home ;)

    1. Are you serious!? That's the best!! Hahah

  3. I went to my friends house the other day and he made me a coffee with the frother and it was like I had gone to the store to get one!
    Yay for potentially moving! I will help you decorate! ;)

  4. I have the Aldi machine too - I swear it has changed my life! And that is super great news on the apartment:)

  5. One of my friends insists this coffee machine is the bomb... Im glad u can verify this for me as he is a boy and I can't trust a boys opinion on this! Haha

    Good luck with the apartment!!! I know how annoying the hunt can be x

  6. I have a few friends with the aldi coffee machines and they love them..

    I did not know they had hot chocolate though!!!

    It's almost worth me getting one just for that!!

    Oh wow, that's so lucky! Hopefully it's good news when you call the real estate!


  7. fingers crossed for the apartment!

  8. My whole family (except me because I am not a coffee drinker) has an Aldi coffee machine, after stalking the various Aldi's and the love them!!

    I have a Peter Alexander onesie my bestie bought me for my birthday anf I freaking LOVE IT!!

    Good luck for the apartment, I too have taken over the wardrobe... poor a! hehe

  9. Ohh, I've been wanting one of those but was not sure. Holding off til we buy our new place to get it. I've heard mixed reviews of the quality. How do you do the hot chocolate? Is the chocolate just in a pod too? That's awesome!

    Also, how awesome is that about the apartment! That's got to be fate :) I hope everything goes well for you! xx

  10. what great news about the apartment!

    my boy and I did something similar, we used to live on the downstairs unit but wanted a balcony, so when the upstairs neighbour moved out, we got her to give us the agents details, we called them and they said we could have it! so we just moved upstairs, haha. it was the exact same apartment, just with a balcony :P

    hope you get it!! xx

    1. I can just imagine dragging all of my items down the halllway!!

  11. Oh wow Im so excited for you about the apartment! Hopefully it goes to you guys :)

    And wherever you work, wow that view is amazing! Is that the eureka tower out the window?
    Out my window I get a view of cafe's along Bridge road and the occasional tram going past...very exciting. lol

    1. I work in the Price Waterhouse Cooper building! So Yep thats the eureka, not gonna lie we have amazing views! x

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