Friday, June 22, 2012


Its official - Im moving to Queensland. Ok well I'm really not but I feel like it! The weather here has been shocking, Freezing, wet and cold and in true melbourne style the umbrella has been out!

Do you see that!?
Thanks for all the breakfast suggestions in my last post I have decided now that I have dived head first into my fitness I really need to start working on a good start breakfast. I'll be buying some oats, honey and dried fruit over the weekend and making a oats mix!
I am keen to buy a new blender since I smashed our last one when we moved house (Yes, Tragic!) I miss being able to make up my own juice and creations..

Speaking of creations - Is nutella not to the most amazing thing you have ever come across on wednesday night after the gym (which I might add I slogged myself out!) I got back to our apartment and popped open this jar of nutella - Pointless going to the gym right? But I have a weakness and it comes in a jar.
Whats your favourite foods to make w nutella? My boyfriends mum makes these biscuit rolls w nutella inside - Oh god drooling just thinking about it!

Moving on..
Now my locks are starting to get long again I want to try Ombre. People have mixed opinions on this style but personally I love it! At the moment my hair is somewhat two toned  the ends are a different colour to my roots nothing dramatic but just a lighter brown from all the colouring over the years. I came across this photo lastnight and fell in love!

Do you think its too risky?


  1. Haha it's cold in brisbane too, ok not that cold, but cold enough... not worth the effort of moving I don't think :P

    In Thailand I had nutella and banana crepes... Delish!

    I like ombre as long as it's done right. The above is right :)


  2. if you do it like in this photo it will look AMMMAZZZZINNNG!! I like the style where it has highlights throughout the hair like this more than just on the bottom. Can't wait to see it xx

  3. i have no idea what ombre is. i'm so off trend for hair. haha
    i just grow mine and get it done once a year and then fegg it off!!!
    i need a sugar daddyo to pay for my hair dreams.

    i hate the cold and only like nutella in banana nutella crepes! i'm not a nutella girl

    that picture is pretty
    rip blender

  4. I like that picture more than a lot of ombre looks I have seen, make sure you get it done by someone who does it a lot etc.

    Also really like that the paler colour in the pic is golden, really nice tone to it.

    If you want to, I think go for it. Particularly when you'd be lightening your can go darker again if need be.

  5. hahaha whenever its cold i say the same thing - "thats it, im moving to queensland!" :P

  6. How odd and funny. I wrote to my hair dresser last night about getting my hair ombre'ed.
    I saw from the photos that I look a bit too wogalina/snookie with my black hair so I thought I might try the ombre pending I can bleach my extensions!
    Dooo iitttttt

  7. Oooh do it! I used Lily Aldridge as my ombre inspiration too (I think thats Lily?!). The only problem is it can be hard to keep it hydrated. I love the ombre look though. Ahhhhhhh I love Nutella so much. I dream of eating a whole jar one day and not feeling guilty. Ha! x

  8. Chop up an apple, throw it into a container and microwave it for 1 minute 30 seconds and then mix in one tablespoon of Nutella. Mmmmmm

  9. Go for the ombre. I'm sure it would look fab on you!

  10. I'm pretty certain it's going to look gorgeous on you!! Go for it.

  11. Would love to know how much of the nutella you ate... I've heard there are ppl out there who can actually just have one teaspoon?! Mythical creatures surely!?! If it's in the house i'll eat half a jar...& then feel so ill i curl up & sulk, only thing that cheers me up is bf coming home giving me cuddles & making me peppermint tea! It's happened about 4 times haha he calls it my monthly nutella monster!!