Thursday, June 7, 2012


The title of this states when I started to write this post - BUT because of my crazy week Its now Thursday and not monday, but nevermind. The weekend was full of fun adventures.. Saturday D was working so I hit the gym again on Saturday morning, went to the supermarket after and brought so much healthy food that I felt weird about going through the checkouts with it all haha! I brought us a new wall clock which D soon removed because he decided he cannot live with a "ticking" clock. (Men!)

Random tree trunks & the boy.
Sunday morning we went to an open house which is already in our apartment block, good price and nice apartment too! But we arent ready to whack down a nice healthy deposit - Dont you wish money grew on tree's?

Afterwards we decided to go and have a look at a Vacumn shop on Bay Street

After a very exciting performance by the man at the vacumn shop we decided we would go away have a think about it and then make a decision - In the mean time we drove to Brighton to have a look at the Goodguys and see what they had on offer - we arrived at 4.30 and they where closing at 5pm - Yep we basically stood there until the lights started to turn off and we still couldnt make up our mind, we found ourselves driving back to Port Melbourne in Ds BWM to purchase the first vacum we saw first. - God help us when we make an IMPORTANT decision like - ah buying a house!

My week has been FLAT out with work I kid you not! D said I should hire a PA to make my life alot easier - any takers??

I have been hitting the gym rather serious since I got the motivation bug and have been keeping track of whats happening with the Fitness Pal App on my iphone! I seriously recommend downloading it

Im good with my protein levels but I want to cut our more fat.
What I love about this App is it tells you how your tracking an what you can do to improve etc - It says that im not eating enough carbs - Hmm.

Im heading to the MYER stocktake sale tonight with the girls from work - I have a $100 Gift Voucher and I have plans to buy a new jacket - I saw one from Miss Shop and want to give it a go! Otherwise I'm going to hunt down some new makeup.

Have you been to MYER yet or will you!?


  1. I went today at lunch time and they had a rack that was a CRAZY 90% off already reduced price!!! I got 2 dresses and a top for $15!!! INSANE LOL.

  2. I had no idea sales had started LOL . Yes ill be your PA ... you didnt even have to interview me LOL

  3. I have a whole bunch of gift vouchers, I feel sorry for the cashier when I actually buy something. It will be with a lot of gift vouchers.

    Time to drop in at lunch time.

  4. Oh I need to check out that fitness pal app. Have fun hitting up Myer hope you score the jacket!

  5. I don't know if I should visit those sales, could be dangerous. But then, I don't want to miss bargains...argh...

  6. ooh that fitness app looks cool!

    what kinda work do you do?? im pretty much everyones bitch in the office here, i dont mind being a PA! haha :P

    just read your other posts as well and ill comment here - that is so SCREWED about the myki ticket inspectors! you need to appeal that shiz. theyre so money hungry those inspectors, they just wanna fill their quota i guess.

    and in reply to your comment on my blog, how good is that house in prahran! i would love to live in that area but its a bit exxy plus im not ready to move out of home yet! :P i think me and you must live closeby, im also in the bayside area (mordialloc)!