Friday, June 8, 2012


Thursday night after work me and 2 girls from work went to MYER after getting excited over the stock take magazine all day.. I think we walked so fast to MYER than we'd ever walked before - Legit.

We hit up the basement first and I finally found a new winter jacket after searching and searching for something that I actually like! I ended up buying a Tokito black knee length coat with silver/black buttons (Its actually in the catalouge)  I wanted a size 6 because it would of sat better but I left with an  8 hahah I wasn't leaving without that jacket!

I loved this - Word!

As you guys know I am looking at changing my foundation so we hit up Chanel, YSL and Mac in the makeup section and got a foundation match done by MAC - They sent me away with a sample - the gay guy did my makeup and he wasn't even pushy at all - Love it! He told me mac foundation was about $45-ish - I was expecting it to be alot more??

By around 7pm we had moved upto level 2 haha we totally by passed the designer level, I instantly fell in love with this bag by wayne cooper - it was $119 down from $290 I was so tempted but resisted.. I turned the corner and then fell in love with this baby!!

This photo doesn't do the bag any justice -nor did insta haha! but its a gorgeous soft black leather bag with one side of those quills and the other side is plain, it has gold buckles and a gold tag on it - Its by Fiorelli (I'd never been attracted to their style before!) I should of brought this as it was $89 marked down from $190 but I walked away.

I thought I should buy these - Named after me .. for me!
Didnt think the Boy or the Bank account would be too impressed!

Whats the most you've ever paid for a pair of shoes!?

The end to my night came smack bang as we left the MYER around 8.30 We jumped onto the tram outside MYER and we where only going on stop as one of the girls was still wearing her heels and her feet were killing it - so we trammed it.
I got on and the first MYKI reader the screen was scratched so instead of standing in the door way blocking it we moved down the tram I had my two bags from MYER so walked down to put them down next to my friend who got us a seat I turned around to walk back to swipe on with my MYKI and this plain clothed officer gets up produces his little badge and asks if I have "swiped on" I looked at him and replied "that's what im about to do" and he turns around and says "It's an offence to ride the tram without swiping on and or off"so.. You guessed it.

I have a $180 fine coming my way - which I plan to appeal because its utter rubbish.
Don't even get me started on these guys.. I have no words!!

Long weekend - yey!
Whats your plans?


  1. Oh my god that is so unreasonable of him to give you a ticket!!
    Appeal, appeal, appeal!!
    Good job holding out on spending so much, I love that wayne cooper bag!!

  2. What asses! MYKI is pathetic, I don't think they will ever fix it.
    Nice work resisting all the pretty buys!

  3. Picture of the jacket!!??

    That fine is bullshit, definately appeal that!


  4. APPEAL. You have 4 stops to swipe your card - there is no way they should have given you a ticket. If you were a mum with a stroller and a million bags they'd never have got you that quick. That's RUBBISH.

  5. Bastards!!! Appeal! What an asshole - where did he think you were going?? GRRR

  6. You should definitely appeal that fine, how ridiculous! He should have given you a few minutes to see if you swiped on... I know that in Perth everyone has to swipe on immediately upon boarding buses, but that's not how it works on Melb trams, I always see people come in and then walk back to the machine!!!

    I love your new bag, it looks gorgeous :-)

  7. Yep, definitely appeal, this is why people hate parking and PT officers. I understand fining people who definitely don't have a ticket, but to fine someone about to swipe their Myki? :/
    I once had a parking officer fine me for being in a clearway, as I was in my car about to drive off. I was so angry!

  8. Loving the handbags, you have great taste!

  9. Jacket picture please. Not sure on the shoes front about how much I've spent... but I'm sure i'll blow that for the wedding lol.

    As for the ticket- fight it hun! That is so disgusting.

  10. Appeal big time! If you were still standing when the officer approached you I think you have a major case. They really should fix those things.

  11. What a pain! I got my $180 the fine the day I switched handbags and left my Myki in the wrong bag :(

    As for shoes, the most I have ever spent was $2000 haha and if I do that again I might be in a bit of strife.

  12. That's complete crap. Appeal!!!!

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