Monday, June 18, 2012


I brought a pair of leather pants from Bardot a couple of weeks back but never thought about actually wearing them (This happens with most of the new additions to my wardrobe) but on Friday night as I stood looking at my clothes I thought "Ooh..lets try these!' D looked at me weird but he usually thinks alot of the clothes I wear are weird.

and I paired them w these boots

I dont really like the platform in them but I gave in and brought them because they are swede and leather, which are two of my favourite things in the world.

I met up with a fellow blogger Sophie  on friday night who was staying at her friends house - who is practically my neighbour when I arrived I had the famous Tommi play with my hair 80's style - watch out! Apparently this kid won the best hair dressing award for blowwaves in 2010, 2011 and 2012?

D was excited because he could finally get rid of the clock "that ticks" which I brought only a few weeks ago, I thought all of my dreams had come at once when he said to me "Lets go to IKEA" the words I thought would never come out of his mouth, I was impressed at his efforts we managed to pick up some goodies the clock "that doesnt tick. He was so proud.

  A new lamp for the bedroom, New laundry baskets (Mines Red & White) and his is (Black and White) - Thats how we roll. We also brought a new vase - D always said the reason why he doesnt buy me flowers is because we dont own a vase, when I pointed out that we now own one and he can buy me flowers he responded with "I'll buy you a fake one, that way it will never die and I wont need to buy you more" - Hmm.

Saturday night we went out to get some dinner and the rain hit melbourne, so we canned our plans and made a night of staying in, movies and bad food.

Dim and his greek nose
I posted this photo on Fb and one of my friends said we look like brother and sister
Which is just weird.

In other news..
I purchased some MAC foundation from MYER on friday during my lunch break - so far so good it has way better coverage than Estee Lauder - and I feel it matches my skin alot more.


  1. that's the Mac I use and I love it - generally lasts me around 3 months too.

    1. The only annoying thing is she didnt give me a pump for the bottle!

  2. Ohh you need to get the pump you will save sooooo much wastage that way. Next investment for you is stippling brush! AMAZING results trust me!

    AHAHAH So gladdddddddddd I met you .... We have to meet up again in a more low key environment next time.

    Your dress sense is fabulous too . You seriously could pull off anything.

  3. Haha I laughed so hard at the brother / sister comment.. So not true though.

    Glad he finally found a non-ticking clock, and niiice don't think I have ever heard of a guy wanting to go to Ikea! Score for you!

    I like the platforms on the boots :)


  4. Those leather pants and boots are freaking hot!! Wish I saw your entire outfit. I might start hunting down for some soon. Where did you get your boots from?

  5. I love those leather pants! How do they feel to wear? to they move with your well?

  6. Oh .. i thought they were wet look leggings on IG i didn't realise they were leather pants. :)

  7. your legs look amazing in those pants x

  8. Hol,

    You are perfect for those leather pants. You could even team them up with coloured pumps and they would look fantastic!

    I actually like the boots too! I love a good shoe!

  9. lol at D saying he's gonna buy you fake flowers so he doesnt need to buy more...that is sooo something my bf would say as well!!
    i love those boots btw... they sell some like that at jayjays for really cheap and i wonder if theyre comfy to walk in!

  10. I think I need to go get some leather pants after seeing them on you! You suit them so well! And the boots are nice, even with the platform you say you dont really like.