Monday, January 7, 2013

HELLO 2013

Welcome 2013..
 I'm 7 days late I know, but in my defense I only got home from holidays on Saturday.

This morning was worse than I thought it would be and to make matters worse my suit pants decided that they would shrink whilst I was away on holidays so I had to suck it all in this morning before zipping it up hahaha..  Thats the story I'm going with anyway.

Then my MYKI decided not to register on the little reader but I ended up getting to work on time because there was hardly any traffic when I got to work during our morning meeting our Managing Director gave each of us a Bottle of Red Wolf Blass - Not a bad start for our first day back.

I love nothing more than a fresh clean diary. I didn't even want to write in it today because my hand writing wasn't in work mode and was looking disgusting hahah SO i decided to leave it blank.

I had over 200+ emails in my inbox and instead of freaking myself out I organized them into 3 different sections - "Urgent" - "Wait until tomorrow" - "Next week" Id like to say I could put a good half in Next week but they will be actioned tomorrow. Whats your survival guide to coming back from holidays?

We recently purchased a new dining table for our apartment (Finally ha!?) Ignore the mess in the apartment we where in the middle of cleaning out/up the apartment but I was too excited and snapped this photo. I love the glass settings and its complete with white leather chairs.

We also went hunting for a new TV but there was too many choices. We currently have a Samsung LED but we want something larger - we went into the store with our minds set on buying the new Samsung smart tv until the sales assistant showed us the differences in the image quality and now I actually want to get rid of my TV hahah.. I've left the decision upto D its much easier that way.

I made dinner tonight - and if I do say so myself it was bloody tasty! Chicken satay stir fry with vegetables it wasn't until I was half way through eating that I realised I had left out the broccolini hahaha  - this is why I am not a chef! I want to start cooking more this year especially as I am looking to start eating alot cleaner so Id love some suggestions on any websites you know of that have clean healthy recipes?

Speaking of luck - Each year dims mum makes a Greek new years cake/bread they put a gold coin in the middle and whoever cuts the piece that holds the coin is said to have good luck in the coming year. This year I won! I was so excited that I squealed over the situation. So I figured that was a pretty good way to start the new year.
How are you tracking with your new years resolutions/goals?



  1. I have a a tonne of clean eating recipe/meal plan PDF's (including the Ashy Bines one) if you would like me to email those to you? :) x

    1. Hey Sophie! Oh that would be great!! Do you recommend the Ash Bines ones?? Send me an email

      :) x

  2. I love fresh new diaries as well!

    Also adore your dining setting :)

  3. Happy new year, wishing you all the best for 2013
    Please check out my blog and enter my competition.

    Amanda xo

  4. Just a repeat of my IG comment - I love your table!! We ordered ours on the weekend (something similar) with white leather chairs pity our house is renovation central ATM and the furniture won't be arriving till July haha
    Also, good luck with the clean eating! I'm also jumping on this bandwagon it's just so hard!

  5. Happy new year to you! I haven't even made any new year resolutions yet - how's that for procrastination!?
    Your dinner looks yum! K xx

  6. I was lucky to only have about 80 emails when I came back to work, and I just went through and deleted anything that wasn't necessary to read! Felt good. As for the cooking.. I almost baked cookies without any sugar, haha, so forgetting the broccolini isn't too bad :)