Tuesday, August 5, 2014


For as long as I can remember I've loved the thought of going to Barcelona - the food, the people, the sights.So there was no way we could miss Spain when doing our Europe trip.
We were in Spain for 4 days.

We flew with British Airways from London > Barcelona - There was only 12 people on our flight! Bonus. (I'd heard so many negative things about BA, but I found them a breeze to fly with... staff and all)

We stayed in Sant Marti which is just on the edge of Barcelona's city centre.
We got a taxi from the airport, the taxis are little yellow and black cars so cute and they reminded me of bumble bees. (?!) We got ripped off hardcore by the taxi who dropped us at our hotel, the taxi ride was 20Euro and D's little brother gave the driver a 50EURO note, who then got in his car and drove off.
Barcelona: 1 - Us: 0
Well played.

Even for June, Barcelona was bloody hot! When we got out of the airport I felt it and it was 7pm.
Our first night we went for dinner somewhere local in Sant Marti because we had no idea really where we were other than we were about a 5 minute walk from the beach (one of many).

The first thing.. The food - Honestly -AMAZING.
I would go back just for the food if I could.
One thing with Europe no matter where you went, someone was trying to sell you something.

We had just sat down to eat and this old fellow came up to us and suggested to D he should buy me a red rose, now lets be honest - D isn't the most romantic guy so someone else suggesting he should be, got the cold shoulder - until the old guy went in for the wallet that was sitting on the table. (I kid you not!)
I ended up with a red rose.

I'm still not too sure how we managed to buy a train ticket but we did and it lasted us for the whole week. I was pretty impressed with that seeing as i cant read any spanish! One thing I was kinda bummed about that I found in barcelona - esp at restaurants if you didn't speak catalonian or spanish - they ignored you, which I found really odd! For somewhere so full of tourists.

Sagrada familia was hands down one of the most beautiful buildings I saw. It was worth the 2 hour line up. Followed closely by Gaudi.

What trip to Europe wouldnt be complete without visiting Sephora?
I tagged along with the boys to the Barcelona FC camp nou experience - I'm no soccer (football) fan but I thought it was such fun.

The next two days were consumed by soaking up the sun and laying on beach beds. Seriously, its the holiday life when you only have to walk a short stroll from your hotel to the beach and get served food and drink from the bar while laying on your butt all day sunbaking.

The beach that we called home for a few days was Barceloneta Beach and Bogatell - Both amazing beaches. The water was just perfect for swimming.

La Rambla is a must do if you visit Barcelona, not just for the shops but also for the food. Watch your bag though the amount of people who try and side swipe you is crazy.
Speaking of food, and who doesn't love food - One place I couldn't wait to see was the La Boqueria Markets. I'd seen everyones post on this place prior to going and I was so damn excited.

If you're a fellow Melbournian - Picture the Victoria Market x 100. People are everywhere and the amount of FRESH food in there is crazy. I ended up buying 4 Juices by the time I had left the markets. I loved that they had fresh fruit - cherries, pineapple, kiwi - everything chopped up in cups. There was even fresh coconut smashed up and packed in a little bowl. Talk about, thinking ahead.
Sugar overload.

The shopping in Barcelona, Where do I start!? Designer and Non-Designer this place has everything.
I did almost give the boyfriend a heart attack by telling him I'd just bought a handbag worth more than what our holiday cost us. His face = priceless.

I did love the bag tho. Sadly, it stayed behind.
I did however buy a pair of sunnies. I have the hardest shaped face to try and match sunnies to and i'm so fussy when it comes to sunglasses. Is it just me?

VAT Refunds were my best friend. - It was like guilt free shopping.
Pity my suitcase and baggage allowance didn't feel the same way.

I loved barcelona - from the sights, shopping, food (mainly the food, I won't lie) Sangria and the beaches.

Heres some more random photos..

You know how I said in my first post, I had a spread sheet going to make sure that I was completely organised this kind of back fired when we had a 10 hour wait at BCN airport waiting to go to Athens.
That was fun,airports are always fun for people watching!

Next stop > ATHENS. 


  1. I've heard so many conflicting reports on Barcelona but now I think I want to go just for the La Boqueria markets!! And seriously what is a holiday without awesome food? This is why I can't so Bali / Thailand etc. Watching that carefully what you eat ia no holiday to me...?? X

    1. I know, I ate so much on my holiday - I couldn't help it ha! xx