Tuesday, August 5, 2014


A few sundays ago I went to High Tea with one of my friends and her mum to celebrate all our birthdays which are within a month of each other, and since I left for Europe I hadn't seen her. I'd never been to high tea so I was excited to see what all the fuss was about.

We went to High Tea at the Windsor Hotel  in the city it was the 2pm session.

Token elevator selfie.
It was freezing so I did some jeans up with a sweater and trusty heels.
How good is it, heels just instantly improves your outfit?

We had a little laugh at the High Tea Etiquette.. We were greeted with a glass of champagne, I won't say no to that. Looking around the room it was decorated perfectly. 

Now, to the best part... The food
I dont even know where to start - The chocolate fountain, the two full length tables of sweets piled on top of each other.. Food for africa. My mouth was watering at the thought.

Yah! See what I mean.
I didn't realise at first but the chocolate fountain had both dark and milk chocolate.. When I found out it's fair to say I went back for seconds to get some more chocolate. (I'm not a fan of dark chocolate)
We were jokingly suggesting we should just face plant into the chocolate fountain - and laughed.. Im not sure if we were really joking deep down! 

We paid $80 for a 3 hour session.
Note to self  Next time bring a bigger bag.


  1. YUM i love high tea! and heels make everything look better :P

    reckless abandon

  2. Oh YUUUM!!! Must check it out :D Heaven heaven heaven! :D xx

  3. Haha why bring bigger bag? I have mental images of you smuggling cakes?? I have done high tea at the Windsor.. can't be beat! X