Wednesday, August 13, 2014


A few weeks ago the boyfriend asked if I wanted anything from iherb and if so we could go half in postage. He ordered 10 boxes of protein bars and I ordered The Real Technique brushes by Samantha Chapman. I had kept my eyes on these for a while and even went into Price line - but as soon as I noticed the price I walked out. How redic is the mark up for those brushes in Australia!? 
By the end of the week our order had arrived. Super fast. Cant complain with that.

There was 4 brushes within the kit:
  • Detailer Brush
  • Foundation Brush (liquid)
  • Buffing Brush
  • Contour Brush

For some weird reason, which I'll put down to be lazy. I didn't use the brushes straight away. It wasn't until that weekend that I ripped these little babies out and gave them a test.
10/10 - The foundation brush leaves such a flawless look and the buffing brush is perfect! 
I highly recommend if you've wanted to buy some of these brushes, please do.
I also did a makeup clean that weekend and got rid of so much old makeup I've never used - How good does it feel to just have your basics easy to find.

I went to the Emporium for the first time since it had opened. Holy Hek - How amazing is that place!?
It reminded me of shopping in Barcelona.

When I posted this on Instagram everyone was telling me about the magnums.. but I'll admit I didn't even get one!?! What the.. I know

Since I've been back from Europe I've been working on my fitness. I hate running. but I've teamed up with a colleague of mine at work and each morning we've been meeting at 6am and have started running for around 45minutes. God help the poor residents of Richmond who have to see me running. But so far - So good. 

I've surprised myself being so disciplined getting out of bed on these really cold mornings we've had. But I think its been that fact that I know my colleague would kick my ass if I didn't show up. It is strange that I need someone else to motivate me? I've also tried to be eating healthy too. I actually don't mind eating healthy as I love fruits and vegetables I just don't like putting in the prep work. 
Do you have any suggestions on quick - easy - yet healthy food options that I can snack on during the day? My desk draw is already full of almonds and muesli bars.

I went to Chemist Warehouse last week to quickly pick up some more mascara - That place, I tell you I go in there for one thing and I end up without a doubt leaving with twice the amount. Its bad.

I brought a Rimmel Mascara and the girl at the counter suggested that If I spent another $10 I would receive a free rimmel gift box. I told her I didn't need anything else (Self control!) Then she said would just give me the gift box anyway. What a champion.

Inside was a mascara, electric blue eye liner and a bright pink lip lacquer.
Im not a big fan of blue eye liner and the lip lacquer reminded me alot off MAC impassioned lipstick shade

On the down side - this week I am fighting off a cold that keeps trying to come back. Works way to be busy to be having any time off at all so onto the Codral I go!

What other suggestions do you have for fighting a cold that just wont budge!?


  1. Love my real techniques brushes too.
    Hope you get well soon. Have no good ideas to help, sorry.

    Going back to read your Greece posts. Beautiful part of the world I've not been to.

    SSG xxx

  2. Get well soon! And well done on 6am runs - respect! I could never do it.
    I am getting married around Richmond :) x

  3. The real techniques brushes really make a difference. I only just bought my first set a few weeks ago, super impressed! Awesome work with Chemist Warehouse. I always take 'Ease a cold' although I think they seem to be more effective at the onset of symptoms. Hope you get better! Stupid Melbourne coldness.


  4. stock up on multivites to help boost your immune system! and good on you for getting up to go running. so hard, but you feel so much better for it.

    reckless abandon

  5. Ahhh I love iHerb so much. I just got my first Real Techniques brush - went with the kabuki brush as I've got a full set of MAC brushes and don't want to go too crazy - love it though!

    Muesli bars are often full of sugar. Good snacks are - bliss balls filled with nuts and seeds and coconut oil, apples dipped in almond butter, frozen berries, put a slice of grilled haloumi in the sandwich press, bring a green smoothie to work, I even sometimes scramble eggs quickly before work and have them mid morning.