Tuesday, January 29, 2013


Long weekends always fly by so fast.
I actually woke up yesterday in a panic thinking what if it's not a public holiday and I've misssed work? Freak I know.

Everyone loves a post that starts off about food - so here it is.
On Friday a group of us headed out for lunch to Leftbank - We work right next to it so its the perfect little place to go! Their happy hour is my favourite but lets not discuss that now.

I had the Warm Korean BBQ Beef salad  - I've had this so many times before and it just gets better better and better each time!  One thing that Left bank does good is their pizza! My colleagues ordered a BBQ beef Pizza.. I had a bite and omg the sauce on that pizza was amazing!

I've noticed how much Australia "Strayla Mate" Day celebrations really can bring out the inner bogan in all of my facebook friends.. haha! I did my part to help with feeling Aussie and made the boyfriend and myself some vegemite on toast. He looked at me and asked "what is this for?"

We caught the fireworks later that night from our Balcony.
In the midst of my nesting stage we (the boyfriend) decided to upgrade our TV after alot of umming and arrghing we decided with the 65inch which makes our lounge room look a movie cinema.
I wasnt complaining as I know zilch about tvs so he made a good choice.
 My favourite feature is that its sound activated which is great for someone lazy like myself. You just have to say "TV" first and then it comes up with a list of options.. EG; Change the channel, Volume up or down.. Search functions etc etc - All while sitting on the couch. Bingo!
I also dragged the boyfriend to House on Sunday as I wanted to get a new dinner set - They had some great sales on but nothing was jumping out at me to say buy me buy me! I did like this platter by Marie Claire but not enough to buy it.

I did tho fall in love with these Chloe sunglasses - The boyfriend made sure he had made up some excuse to leave the store before I could take them to the counter.
Lastnight we ended up picking up Crust pizza for dinner - I love Crust and it's probably the only pizza that i'll eat nowdays and we make it a rare thing which also adds to the excitment.
Please dont judge me hahahaha.

On a serious note - Just looking at all of these floods and natural disasters Australia wide - I hope everyone remains safe and away from danger xx


  1. Replies
    1. I know!! It takes up most of the wall in our lounge room haha

  2. I love love love Left Bank! It's got a nice vibe about it! x

  3. Left bank is awesome! Looks like a fun weekend.

    x Eve

  4. Hi Hol!

    Left bank eh... I must try it!

    hahah he got a tv, you get the sunglasses. Even :P

    and how awesome is vegemite on toast, you can't go wrong!!! xx

  5. MASSIVE TV! Mum had one that was too big for her place, it gave me a headache watching it. LOL But Voice activation! Goodness!! I need to check this out.

    My local Crust is so disappointing.. I drive about 15mins out to get mine as it is decent. So i rarely get them anymore.

  6. Great view from your balcony. Do you live in Southbank or the city?

    I love the Leftbank, I might see you in there one day. They do a good bellini :-)

    1. I love just outside of the city but work in south bank :) yes Bellini is the best there..hopefully see you there! Do you go often?

    2. Maybe once a month so not that often. I work in Docklands so probably end up in Southwharf more than Southbank. Great spot thouh.